A new pedestrian street not to be missed in Cannes

Inauguration in Cannes of the new, completely renovated street Félix Faure

After months of work, you will be delighted to learn that the new street Félix Faure near the Old Port and the Palais des Festivals in Cannes was inaugurated on 22 July 2019, for the pleasure of tourists, business travellers and locals. The requalification of this emblematic place of the city took time, but for a surprising result.


Rue Félix Faure in Cannes offers itself a youthful cure

The new street Felix Faure in Cannes has become in a short time a very popular place to stroll, shop, eat, but also in the evening for an aperitif. The lack of facilities was felt and the result obtained is warm, aesthetic and friendly in a Provencal and Cannes spirit.


A new pedestrian street very popular in Cannes

You will enjoy finding a magnificent pedestrian street lined with beautiful, harmonious and spacious terraces. And in the evening, a truly special atmosphere is created, both in terms of safety and attractiveness, with a view to offering brightness and modernity to visitors to Cannes but also to the locals who love the place.


Cannes preserves the strong identity of each street

The mayor of Cannes insisted that the work carried out on street Félix Faure should transform it into a very aesthetic, dynamic and lively promenade where life is good between friends, family and lovers.

The space has thus been completely renovated and embellished with the strictest respect for the roots of this district. The urban furniture has been carefully chosen, but also the vegetation along the street, highlighting in a very qualitative way the identity of Cannes and Provence of the place. Not to be missed during your Cannes holidays or professional visits.


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