Happy New Year 2019 with Cannes Rentals Certification!

The Croisette, always more beautiful in 2019, the update on the renovation of the seaside.

Since 2017, the city of Cannes has been engaged in a vast programme to upgrade the Croisette and the beaches. It is the most important restructuring of the seaside in the last 50 years.

The beach enlargement phase with the contribution of 95,000 m3 of sand allowed a widening from 5 to 40 metres in places. An underwater dike was built to break the swell and protect the facilities from sea strikes.

The reconstruction of private beaches can now begin.


Private beaches completely redesigned for 2020/2021

A new beach decree issued in September by David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes, imposes new construction standards validated by the Architect of the Buildings of France.

The aim is to bring architectural coherence to the seaside with noble materials such as teak for terraces, a harmonisation of colours and new aesthetic rules common to all establishments.

35 M€ will be devoted to this operation on an unprecedented scale for the 19 private beaches in the Cannes basin.

Finally, the beaches will be able to open 48 weeks a year to support the dynamics of congresses and trade fairs during the winter period thanks in part to their catering offers.


Redevelopment of the seafront and ports of Cannes

Beyond the redevelopment of the Croisette, it is the entire Cannes seaside area that is undergoing restructuring.

Thus, the Canto port managed under the authority of the municipality has begun a first stage of renovation with the greening and modernisation of equipment.

The old port will reinforce its dikes and a new scenic promenade will be created. A heliport will also be built to support local demand, mainly from yachts, festival-goers and delegates.

These beautification works will also concern Cannes-la-Bocca and Mandelieu-la-Napoule with the development of a new 5.2 km promenade.


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