Inauguration of the new street Macé of Cannes

Inauguration of the new rue Macé in Cannes

The inauguration of the Rue Macé in Cannes marks the end of the third phase of the renovation of the Cannes' Carré d'Or.
It was inaugurated in early September by the mayor, David Lisnard and is truly embellished, attractive and warm. Find out in this video:

The Mace Street Cannes offers a makeover

A million and a half euros have been invested by the municipality in the repair of the roadway, sidewalks, street furniture, lighting to make this shopping street even more sympathetic. It is currently completely renovated and secure.
Whether on a business trip or a sightseeing trip, you will be strolling along this street, instal yourself for an aperitif, lunch or dinner! Or shop quietly.
This major operation is in line with the actions of the Cannes City Hall, which requalifies and embellishes the public spaces of the "Carré d'Or".

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