Dear owners,

Why classify your property ?

The purpose of the classification of a furnished tourist accommodation is to indicate to the client a level of comfort and service.

The advantage of classifying a furnished tourist accommodation are many for you:

- A more interesting tax system: You can benefit from a tax deduction of 71% instead of 50% for unclassified accommodation.

- A guarantee of quality and peace of mind for your customers. Make the difference among thousands of offers!

- Better visibility: your flat is listed on various communication media including the tourist office website.

- You have the possibility to join the Agence Nationale des Chèques Vacances (ANCV).

- A fixed tourist tax per night and per person, more advantageous for classified furnished accommodation.

- An attractive benchmark for both French and foreign customers.

What is the classification of furnished accommodation?

 The classification has 5 categories ranging from 1 to 5 stars, it is voluntary and has a validity of 5 years.  The classification grid contains 133 criteria divided into 3 main chapters (cf. Order of 2 August 2010 modified setting the standards and the procedure for the classification of furnished tourist accommodation):
customer services, accessibility,
sustainable development.

How to get your furnished accommodation classified ?

We can help you to get your stars. Cannes Accommodation has obtained the accreditation for the classification of furnished accommodation.  

Just contact Frédérique or Stéphanie by email: ( )  

We can arrange a visit to your accommodation and start the classification process with you.

If you would like to know more about the classification of furnished accommodation, you can visit the following websites: ( ) ( )

If your property is already classified, can you send us a copy of your classification decision so that your customers can benefit from a much more advantageous tourist tax.            

We wish you a wonderful week,