The Palais des Festivals is 30 years old!

Palais des Festivals is celebrating 30 years of premiers, festivals, and meetings. Built in 1982 on the site of the old Municipal casino, the Palais des Festivals continues to grow. It has more than 25, 000 square meters of space for exhibitions, many meeting rooms, and 18 auditoriums.

A History of Glamour
In the 1830s, the little fishing village Cannes was “discovered” by a British peer, who promoted then the town tirelessly.  By the end of the century, it had become a winter resort favored by the wealthy and the aristocracy. Word War I put an end to their way of life, but Cannes was reborn as a fashionable summer resort, thanks to the sun tan craze of the 1920s.


Directors and Starlets 
The first Palais des Festivals et des Congres was built in 1949 to house the Cannes Film Festival. Cannes was, and continues to be, the best location for luxury accommodations and great weather. Each year thousands of celebrities walk the red carpet to the Grand Auditorium. The celebrity handprints mark the visits of the world's greatest actors and actresses.

Comfort and Convenience
Architects Bennett & Druet designed the Palais with the convention visitor in mind. Easy access and good seating combine with the central location to make attending any event enjoyable. The Society of Mixed Economy for the Events of the city of Cannes (SEMEC) was formed in 1992 to manage the Palais and promotes leisure tourism. Many groups choose Cannes to host their events due to the world-class venue.

A Stylish Classic
The bold design has stood out for decades. The venue provides all an exhibitor or event planner can want to showcase their products and business. The Palais brings thousands of visitors to Cannes each year and the success of their visit keeps them coming back for many more years ahead.