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Another local real estate agency obtain the certification  - Apartment Rental Cannes

Cannes Rentals Certification (CRC) members are happy to say welcome to a new agency. Noémie Biales, who runs agence Raphael Immobilier, has committed herself by signing on behalf of her agency the CRC charter of excellence.

Visit the City of Cannes - Apartment Rental Cannes

From Monday, June 2, 2014, discover the history of the city of Cannes during a guided tour. The opportunity to revisit the city from a different angle and thus know the secrets contained in Cannes. Two centuries Cannes has become a global city of unrivaled reputation.

Cité du Cinéma - Apartment Rental Cannes

Cannes is committed to keeping the Cannes Film Festival a part of the city for many years by providing a new home for the event. The Cinema City will be built on 4.2 hectares along the coastline. The budget is expected to be 200 million euros.

Mayor Bernard Brochand came up with the idea more than 10 years ago and says, "It will be a cultural space of the 21st century, fun and interactive in a spectacular setting,"

The Palais des Festivals is 30 years old! - Apartment Rental Cannes

Palais des Festivals is celebrating 30 years of premiers, festivals, and meetings. Built in 1982 on the site of the old Municipal casino, the Palais des Festivals continues to grow. It has more than 25, 000 square meters of space for exhibitions, many meeting rooms, and 18 auditoriums.

Cannes modernization - Apartment Rental Cannes

The French Riviera city of Cannes is a very attractive tourist resort as well as a center for professional events, particularly in the technology field. The urban modernization of Cannes protects the city’s unique architectural heritage, scenic beaches, and beautiful scenery. Sustainable development conserves natural resources while providing facilities and infrastructure to handle international events.